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, Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob"

Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob"


(In stock)

  • , Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob" , Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob"
  • , Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob" , Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob"
  • , Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob" , Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob"
  • , Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob" , Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob"
  • , Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob" , Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob"

Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob"

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Quick Overview

FUN... and fun to EAT! Give your Gliders the vital nutrients and vitamins your Gliders they need in one simple toy!

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Just like little kids, Gliders:

1) need to eat their vitamins, and
2) LOVE to play with toys!..

...and the Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob" combines the best of BOTH worlds by automatically transforming "playtime" into one big nutritional "feast". Here’s how it works... 

As a part of their overall daily diet, Glide-A-Mins provides the complete range of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your little darling(s) need. The most important of all these is a specialized form of Calcium (infused with Vitamin B) that keeps their bones & teeth strong and in tip-top condition. 

The simple fact is that Gliders can almost never get too much of this valuable mineral. Specifically designed for Sugar Gliders with these needs in mind, the Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob" is the first toy of its kind – and it's completely EDIBLE and nutritious from top to bottom.  

Here's why it works SO well...

Have you ever noticed how Gliders almost continuously groom themselves and lick their palms?.. 

Well, the ingenious design of the Cal-C-Yum actually "TRICKS" even the most stubborn little fuzzbutts into getting their most crucial vitamins, (whether they want to or not), by taking advantage of their most natural habits & instincts. 

You see, the more they climb and play on the Cal-C-Yum, the more fine calcium and vitamin dust will be scratched off under their claws and rubbed into their fur. Then, later on when they instinctively begin grooming and licking themselves (or their playmates), they AUTOMATICALLY get a healthy dose of the KEY vitamins and minerals without even knowing it.

Cal-C-Yum is the best way to KNOW that your little darling(s) are getting all of the key nutrients they need... and a single toy normally lasts about a full year!

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  1. They like it, BUT... review by Jillian on 6/11/2017

    My gliders like this toy, but the knotted piece at the bottom holding everything together is very different than what is pictured on the website and it broke within a few days.

  2. Great product review by Becky white on 3/23/2017

    My 2 gliders seem to really enjoy this colorful deliscious toy...i hide treats inbetween each block so they get extra goodies in each step!

  3. Awesome! review by Christina on 2/17/2017

    Our babies love this!! We never gave them supplements before, just pellet food and fruit, until hearing about this site and reading all the wonderful information. I bought this and within 2 days our babies were more playful, had more energy and looked healthier!!

  4. My gliders are not interested review by Tiffany on 2/6/2017

    Not sure why my gliders are not as interested in this as the above comments, but the only time mine went to it was to gnaw at the string and break it so I had to rig it up a bit differently so they could not break it again. I have not seen them up at it since. Great concept but I guess my gals are just lazy and want it on their apples.

  5. Good concept review by Mary on 1/4/2017

    I like the idea of this toy but my two little ones had it torn apart in 2 days. They shredded the tie at the bottom of the chain and everything came apart.

  6. Yummy review by Brandi on 12/9/2016

    Ginger loves these! One of her favorites

  7. 5 stars review by Louise on 10/18/2016

    My little one loves this kabob!

  8. Awesome review by Heather on 5/4/2016

    My gliders LOVE this thing. Its nice to give them something they enjoy that much that is healthy for them as well.

  9. My two love this... review by Jennifer on 4/26/2016

    My two can't seem to get enough of this toy and it's great to know that besides playing they are also getting their much needed vitamins. I am not sure that this will last an entire year though, as they are both chewers and seem to be really tearing into it. I'm just happy that they are happy and when they need another one, I will surely buy it for them.

  10. They loved it the minute I added to their cage. With in a day they had it at tore apart only the chain left hanging. review by Sara on 4/19/2016

    With in a day they had it at tore apart only the chain left hanging.

  11. Favorite treat review by Judy on 4/15/2016

    My guys just love this kabob. They make their happy noises whenever they are on it.

  12. They Loved It! review by Lisa on 3/14/2016

    Mia and Moe investigated this when I first placed it in their cage and it didn't take long for them to "climb aboard" and start nibbling!

  13. Instant hit! review by KB on 3/11/2016

    Clark went for this treat even before I could get it attached to the cage. He loves it and continues to go back!

  14. A big favorite! review by Connie on 3/4/2016

    Toto and Munchkin really like this, it's a toy and a treat for them. They play and hang from it and they love to unite the leather knot!

  15. Cal c yum toy review by Dondi on 2/24/2016

    My sugar glider went crazy when I put her cal c yum toy in her cage! After a few minutes of investigation she played with it for hours!

  16. Great treat review by GT on 2/8/2016

    Sosha and Rockie have enjoyed their Kabob. They love climbing down on the string and if they knock the treats off, it is easy to place back on the string. They have really enjoyed it.

  17. Loves the Kabob review by Heather on 2/6/2016

    The minute we put the kabob in the cage, our glider went to it and started nibbling and playing with it. Love at first sight!!!

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