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Euca-Licious Glide-R-Chow


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  • Euca-Licious Euca-Licious

Euca-Licious Glide-R-Chow

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Quick Overview

  • New Amazing Infusion of all-natural, organic Ingredients

  • Create endless flavor combinations by mixing with both Original and Berry-Licious Glide-R-Chow™ formulas.

  • Veterinarian Approved


Availability: In stock

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In the wild, one of your little fuzzbutt’s most DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS natural foods is actually Eucalyptus. ☺ While there are a TREMENDOUS amount of long-term health benefits associated with eucalyptus - the most serious problem found in nearly every “eucalyptus flavored” pet product we’ve tested is simply that they all tend to use artificial, “synthetic flavorings” which haven’t been scientifically TESTED and BALANCED over time to meet our little fuzzbutt’s very-specific nutritional needs.

Well, the “great news” is THAT ALL CHANGES NOW! ☺... After literally years of “testing, balancing & tweaking” by our proprietary, world-class team of Sugar Glider Veterinarians and Nutritional Specialists, we are pleased to announce the latest addition to our patented line of Glide-R-Chow

Euca-Licious Glide-R-Chow™ is the first-ever - FULLY ORGANIC – “Eucalyptus-Infused” food made specifically for Sugar Gliders. Not only will your little darlings go BONKERS for this incredible new taste explosion – (but as with our Original Glide-R-Chow™) - Euca-Licious Glide-R-Chow™ has been scientifically formulated to exceed ALL your Sugar Bear’s unique nutritional needs - while still eliminating that strong 'musky' smell at the same time. :)

***PLEASE contact Customer Care for storage methods*** We do not recommend Tupperware storage containers unless they are made specifically for the storage of animal food.

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  1. More review by marie on 6/4/2017

    Had to buy an extra bag cause my gliders love this new flavor

  2. Gliders love it review by marie on 5/28/2017

    My 3 gliders love it and I like the fact that it's infused with Eucalyptus which is part of their natural diet in the wild

  3. Glider chow review by Brandi on 4/17/2017

    Ginger doesn't seem to like this as much as th strawberry glider chow, but she seems to be eating it a little more now

  4. Betty & Lucy love it! review by Mona Jill on 2/6/2017

    I have been having trouble with my babies eating Glider Chow, but they love this one. Yeah!!

  5. Amazing review by Jessica on 11/26/2016

    My two fuzz butts Bella and Daisy love it. They love it so much that I may have to figure out how to feed them separately

  6. Skeptical at first... review by Marissa on 10/16/2016

    In the beginning my baby wouldn't touch it. I had to mix in some leftover strawberry flavored chow to get her used to it (strawberry is her fave). After that she loved it :)

  7. New kibble review by Melinda on 9/27/2016

    Wasn't sure how Tucker and Luna would like this kibble after having the berry flavor (YUMMY) but it is a smashing hit! Not a piece left in their kibble bowl. Another great product. ❤️

  8. New Food = Happy Fur-Babies review by Lindsey on 9/2/2016

    After giving by oldest glider Elee the original Glider Chow for nearly 4 years, the Eucalyptus flavor really got her excited! Our other two gliders, Leelu and Tucker really enjoy it as well. The package is fairly small, (especially being used to buying the original flavored Glider Chow 2yr supply) but it still has lasted my 3 gliders a little more than 3 months.

  9. Loved it! review by Lana on 8/19/2016

    So far this is Peanut's favorite!! Trying papaya flavor next.

  10. It is a favorite at our house review by Brette on 7/30/2016

    Sebastian loves his eucalyptus chow more than the others. I always wake up with an empty bowl and a glider begging for more.

  11. Wonderful review by Christy on 7/23/2016

    It's the only dry food my glider will eat!!

  12. Yum, Yum review by Angela on 6/23/2016

    Our two fuzz butts loved this one. We are trying the berry and melon next.

  13. Miles and his sisters love it review by MarkT on 6/2/2016

    I mix all the flavors, and they seem to love them all.

  14. New Food review by Sherri on 5/25/2016

    One of my babies loves this one and my other baby prefers the Berrylicious chow.

  15. MY LITTLE GUY LOVES IT review by Scott S. on 4/25/2016

    So far it seems like a hit. Which is rare for my finicky glider, so this must be great. I have eased him into this mixing with the original formula, about 50-50, and he gobbles it all up. Topped with a little Glide-r-gravy and it's chow time. If my picky eater loves it your glider will too.

  16. Full of Yumminess! review by Terri on 4/23/2016

    Success again! My lil fuzzies love their Euca-licious Glide-r chow!

  17. Love the flavored Chow review by Megan on 4/19/2016

    Our little boy loves this flavored Glider Chow. I am super excited to order other flavors to try as well!

  18. Maybe my little s review by Beverly on 4/18/2016

    Sugar Belly is just plain picky. She went for it at first but maybe it was because it was new. Now she won't touch it. I have tried giving it to her disguised with peach yogurt. She picks through it. I am at my wits end with her and her finickiness. Any suggestions appreciated and will try. HER CAGE IS THE BOMB! I got that from Pocket Pets also.

  19. Pellet size review by God created these wonderful animals! on 4/13/2016

    The size of these pellets are excellent. I have zero waste!

    And as for taste Meeko, Meeka, Fizgig, and Fizmo say AWESOME!

  20. Great new flavor review by Julie on 4/11/2016

    My 2 babies love this. Nice to have another flavor.

  21. Euca-surprised me with how fast he ate his first bowl! review by Jennifer on 4/4/2016

    I knew Todd loved the Strawberry and yogurt flavored glide-r-chow, but I was very skeptical about this. I put a few in his bowl and I gave him one by hand. He sniffed for a minute. This hesitation worried me that I had made a mistake, because he didn't tear into it like a savage crackhead like when he first got the Berry-licious flavor. But he soon took it from my hand and retreated to his pineapple to munch privately. I returned 30 minutes later to an empty bowl. HE LOVES IT!!!

  22. Even the baby likes it! review by Cadara on 4/3/2016

    I have a 2 year old female and a 4 month old male. When I mix their regular food with the new Euca food they both pick out the Euca-licious chow and leave the regular food!

  23. They Love the chow review by Nezzer on 3/26/2016

    My 2 babies LOVE the Glide-R-Chow

  24. My babies love the new flavor as well as the original! review by Krystal on 3/24/2016

    I love that feeding my babies is fool-proof and not complicated at all. I just received the new flavor of glide-r-chow and they love it! They get very excited when it's dinner time and choose this over their sweet apple many times to begin their meal.

  25. My girls love it! review by Nikki on 3/24/2016

    My girls love all the flavors of your glider chows but this one is their favorite☺

  26. Euca- Licious Glide- R - Chow review by Dixie on 3/17/2016

    Our babies love it. Nice to have different favors. That way they get a different favor.

  27. healthy and tasty review by Oliver on 3/17/2016

    She seems to love it and prioritizes eating her pellets before most other foods (she'll eat them before her fruit, but she's still a sucker for honey though). It's a relief to have access to balanced food that we can give our sugar glider with confidence.

  28. Euca-Licious Glide-R-Chow love review by Amamda on 3/15/2016

    Our little suggie babies love this new flavor.

  29. Great food! review by Valerie on 3/3/2016

    My babies absolutely love this chow

  30. Loves the mix review by Amber on 2/23/2016

    My gliders loves the food really enjoys the combination of flavors

  31. Loving the new flavor! review by Jill on 2/19/2016

    Sugar babies love all of your products. I decided to try the new eucalyptus flavor so they would have some variety. They love it just as much as everything else! I also use the glitter gravy on it. I was surprised that the package was so much smaller than the original though.

  32. Spectacular!! review by Irving on 2/9/2016

    My little baby just love this food! He is so very healthy and fit- he gets everything he needs from these pellets! Great !!

  33. Another Great Flavor review by Paul on 2/7/2016

    My fuzzbutts like this new flavor.

  34. YEAH new food review by Katrina on 2/5/2016

    Wow! I was so excited to see that a new flavor of Glider Chow had come out. I have purchased both the eucalyptus and the berry chow and my babies love it, they act like it is a treat instead of their meal food. It helps me feel like they can have more variety in their diet. Ginger and Punkin' thank you very much and look forward to new exciting food.

  35. Euca_licious Chow review by Dottie on 2/3/2016

    Lily is not as fond of this flavor as she is the regular and Berry-Licious chow. She always seems to leave the Euca-Licious kibbles in the bowl, but the other two she eats.

  36. Sugar Gliders love these flavored glide-r-chows review by Peggy on 1/29/2016

    This unique formula not only prevents my babies from stinking they love it so much that they jump around with excitement every time I go to put it in their bowl. Your fuzz butts will be very happy with these new flavored foods. I highly recommend trying one today.
    Signed proud parent of:
    Cinnamon and Fiji -

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