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, EZ-GO Trav-L-Cage

EZ-GO Trav-L-Cage


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  • , EZ-GO Trav-L-Cage , EZ-GO Trav-L-Cage
  • , EZ-GO Trav-L-Cage , EZ-GO Trav-L-Cage
  • , EZ-GO Trav-L-Cage , EZ-GO Trav-L-Cage
  • , EZ-GO Trav-L-Cage , EZ-GO Trav-L-Cage

EZ-GO Trav-L-Cage

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Quick Overview

Constructed of the same heavy-duty PVC coated wire used in all our standard cages, this little beauty collapses in seconds and takes up almost no space. Due to manufacturing delays, please allow an additional 5-7 business days for this item to be shipped.


Availability: In stock

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Virgil Explains All The Cool Features & How to Setup the Trav-L-Cage!


Trav-L-CageYour EZ-GO Trav-L-Cage sets up - or tears down - in less than a minute. Its durable construction and convenient size makes it an ideal environment both in the car - and at your final destination. When assembled, the cage measures 15 inches tall, by 15 inches wide, by 15 inches deep. 

  • PVC Coated Wire means that your little darlings will be safe and snug in their sturdy, new "temporary home".
  • Convenient Front Access Door makes it simple and easy to reach in without your little guys jumping out!
  • Spring-loaded Latches allow the cage to be set-up (or tore down) in seconds. Constant tension also means that your little darling won't accidentally "escape" while bouncing around in transport.
  • Removable 1-piece "Poo Tray" detaches in seconds and keeps your little darlings clean and healthy.
  • Accommodates all standard pet supplies such as water bottles, heatrocks, and food bowls. Requires no modifications to the cage. Just grab all your stuff... throw it in.. and off you go!


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  1. To Grandma's House We Go review by Paige on 9/18/2017

    This is the perfect size! I travel quite a bit and use it at least once a month. It folds in flatter than I would have thought, but at the same time it is quite large when set up. I am able to put his wheel, heat rock, and a hanging pouch without it feeling cluttered. To keep it clean I fold a cage liner and when I need to sanatize it, the cage fits perfect in the dishwasher! Whether you are going to grandma's for the weekend or the beach for a week, this is absolutely perfect.

  2. Thank Goodness for this Wonderful Travel Cage! review by B on 9/6/2017

    I ordered this just a few days before a trip when my sugar glider babysitter fell through. I was so worried that it would not arrive in time because of that manufacturer's note attached to the description, but I had nothing to worry about. It arrived with plenty of time to spare, and it's absolutely wonderful. I love that it folds so that I can easily set up and take down - I don't like to leave it set up in the hotel room in case it gets sprayed with some sort of cleaner. So it was easily folded and stowed away in it's very own suitcase. I was also worried about how sturdy it might be, and it works GREAT. My glider had no issues with it, and it kept him contained. Plus, there's a nice, informative video on Pocket Pets' website that shows you to set it up step by step. I can't say enough great things about this travel cage - it's perfect for taking your glider on trips!

  3. Get this TravelCage review by Bilbo on 8/20/2017

    We borrowed our daughter in law's travel cage for extended car travel we know we cannot live without one. Super simple to pop up, really easy to store when not in use . We've ordered our own. Recommend.

  4. Terrific for Travel! review by Vickie on 7/24/2017

    I was reluctant that the quality of a portable cage that you put up, take down, put up, take down would be of less quality than the ones that you put up permanently. But, I was very wrong. This portable cage was amazing while I was traveling. I was even able to bring Max's favorite hammock and a toy from his regular cage to make him feel more at home. He loved it as well. I definitely recommend this travel cage. Thank you for a terrific product!!

  5. Great review by Kelly on 7/3/2017

    This cage is perfect for travel. It's easy to pack up and go!

  6. Great Deal! review by Vickie on 6/16/2017

    I travel a lot with my business. Max goes everywhere with me. But, there are times I can't have him on my body. This travel cage works perfect for those times. Its convenient, easy to set up and, more importantly, Max loves it! Thank you for this great product!

  7. Great review by Bre on 5/11/2017

    I'm so happy that I finally have one of these cages. It's so simple to put together and take down. Definitely nice to have when I have to clean the normal cage. It's also a good size, can put his wheel in it when we visit family so he won't be bored haha. Great purchase

  8. Love it! review by Jelly on 4/20/2017

    I primarily use this on the go for weekend travels. It is enough room for the weekend and very easy to fold down to travel. (And sneak in luggage to get in a hotel room if necessary!) Anything longer than the weekend I bring my cage the next size up, but otherwise I LOVE this cage, and murf and twerk do too!

  9. Amazing and a must pick up review by Annette on 3/9/2017

    Love love love it. Super easy and doesn't take up much room when not in use.

  10. Defective cage review by Yen on 2/15/2017

    Several problems with this delivery but customer service did their best to resolve. Used it for the first time and noticed a gap at the top of the cage door. Thought it was normal until our sugar glider got out right through it. Needless to say we watched Virg's video to see if that gap was supposed to be there. Yep it was a bad door. Took a picture, sent it to customer service, and they replied the next day that a new cage will be sent out but we have to ship the bad one back. Still waiting on delivery on both since it is post holidays.

    The other point regarding cage setup is the wheel we put in the travel cage. You have to secure it somehow. Our little guy ran on it so much that throughout the night we had to adjust it back to the original spot since it would literally "move" to the middle of the cage while he was running on it. Boy did we wish we had a cable tie or something. Felt so bad for him.

  11. Great for travel review by Jacklien on 2/10/2017

    This is a great little cage. It folds and unfolds quite easily. The only problem I have with it is that its heavy for one and for two the corners of the base are very sharp! I've cut my leg and my arm carrying it in and out of the car. So be careful.

  12. So easy review by Heather on 12/29/2016

    The Travel cage is great. It is so easy to set up. Looking forward to future trips with this convenience.

  13. perfect for when i travel review by fernando on 12/27/2016

    these cages are just the right size for the little ones and they are perfectly cozy in them!!!

  14. Headed to Grandma's review by Katy S on 12/22/2016

    This is great for our little fuzz butt. The first time we took her on the road we used a TINY hamster cage and I felt terrible! This cage is super easy to set up, takes minimal space but still gives our girl plenty of room to stretch. I highly recommend ordering this for you baby before you have to take him/her anywhere overnight!

  15. Freedom while driving review by Beard on 11/24/2016

    In the beginning before i got this cage, I had to drag my big starter cage around. It was not an easy task when others thought we could carpool. The travel cage has allowed me to be on the move late into the night without having to worry about fighting the switch from sleep to wake. Even without instructions, the cage seems pretty intuitive to set up.

  16. Great Product! review by MommaBear on 9/16/2016

    Super easy to use and travel with, the complete kit had everything I needed, hassle free traveling. So glad for this Pocket Pets Store!

  17. Travel with ease! review by Julie on 9/6/2016

    This cage is awesome. After taking several trips we decided our babies every day cage was not the easiest thing to transport and took up a lot of room in our car. This travel cage is amazing, it lays flat and fits perfectly in a suitcase. This is a must have if you travel regularly, we love it!

  18. Vacation made easy!!! review by Laura on 8/13/2016

    This made it simple to take Aggie with us on vacation this year. It was perfect and small to hide in the hotel so we didnt get in trouble for having a pet with us. She was a little hesitant with the smaller cage but I am sure this was better than having a stranger keep her! So glad Aggie got to go on vacation with us!!

  19. Excellent review by Kelly on 7/17/2016

    This cage is easy to put together and take down. Very sturdy and good for travel. We have two babies and they both fit in it comfortably with room to play.

  20. Hit the road review by Cynthia on 6/28/2016

    Ordered this so my guys, Max and Monty, would have a place at night while traveling. Really like this. Very convenient when away from home for a few days. Easy to set up, and easy to store when not in use.

  21. So convenient! review by Jelly on 6/13/2016

    I love this cage for traveling . It makes everything so easy. If we ate going away for the weekend we take this cashew but any longer than that I take along their starter cage just to give them more room for the duration of the trip. But this cage is so awesome! Way to clean, easy to fold up. Everything!

  22. Travel cage review by Mark on 6/10/2016

    The travel cage is so nice and convenient. We have a lake house and go often nice to have something small and easy to put together when we go. Would like a smaller wheel for it though for martys exercise. Great products from pocket pets

  23. Love it review by Mark on 6/10/2016

    Super easy to set up and take down. I'm still bonding with my little one's so, I haven't used it yet. But I'm looking forward to it.

  24. Love this product review by Melinda on 5/18/2016

    Use this in our travel trailer for our 'butts' and they are happy campers! Highly recommend this product if you travel and can't always bring you babies along for outings.

  25. Awesome review by Tara on 5/9/2016

    Very easy to put together, I travel a lot so it is so handy for me to bring my babies with me... And when I need to do a good clean on their big cage it makes it so much easier. I love it I have had this over a year and it is as good as the first time I used it☺

  26. Great travel cage review by CG on 4/23/2016

    Easy cage to set up! It is the perfect size for traveling and sets up and folds down easily. It's great that the excerice wheel fits in so they have it to play in

  27. purchase of trav-L-cage and starter kit review by Kimberly on 4/8/2016

    So far so good, but have not used as yet! You all were very responsive to the mistake in our package and am grateful for your quickness. I have it set up and ready for our first trip in a few weeks. Soooo simple toooo!! Can't wait to take them along! I will purchase a large zipper bag to contain their belongings as well. As mentioned is a different review, a slider tray would make this the bomb!

  28. Perfect size review by Marcus on 3/19/2016

    This cage is easy to assemble and disassemble quickly whenever we're traveling or cleaning their main cage.

  29. pretty good travel cage review by Jennifer on 3/14/2016

    I was super excited to finally get my travel cage. It is kind of expensive so I had to save up for it. When it came, I immediately put it together to see the size and if it was as easy to put together as the video suggests. It was easy, but not as sturdy as the bigger cage. It is really hard to latch the door because the side wants to colapse inward. The other thing, is when my baby drops something, like a treat or her food, you have to completely unhook the bottom to get it out. I wish it had a slider tray.

    Overall, I do like it and it is just as described. Just need minor improvements.

  30. Amazing and easy review by Scott on 3/1/2016

    This is the easiest cage to set up! It is the perfect size for traveling and sets up and folds down easily. My little guy loves it.

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