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Special Reports

Special Reports

Special Report

  • Message Boards: Harmful or Hurtful

    The internet is a wonderful tool for those with sugar bears, but, the internet has a dark side for sugar bear enthusiasts. This dark side is nowhere more blatantly obvious than in perusing the multitudes of online “Message Boards” relating to sugar bears....

A very informative independent article that examines the pros and cons of Sugar Glider “expert” internet sites and message boards.

  • Bonding Plan A

    Virgil here with one of the most important articles on our entire website… and today’s topic is Bonding :-) Before we get started, if you’re reading this report I’m assuming that you’ve already....

  • Bonding Plan B

    Alright, so you’ve decided to go with Plan B, and I’m sure it was the right decision for you. Just to be clear, before starting with Plan B, you should have already read/listened to ALL of the following::....

Two extremely important reports on how to form a deep, lasting bond with your Sugar Glider. Only to be read after listening to the purple Audio CD and after reading Day 3 of the Tip of the Day emails.

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