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, Gran-OH-la! Dental Health Biscuits & Yum-E-Treats Combo

Gran-OH-la! Dental Health Biscuits & Yum-E-Treats Combo


(In stock)

  • , Gran-OH-la! Dental Health Biscuits & Yum-E-Treats Combo , Gran-OH-la! Dental Health Biscuits & Yum-E-Treats Combo
  • , Gran-OH-la! Dental Health Biscuits & Yum-E-Treats Combo , Gran-OH-la! Dental Health Biscuits & Yum-E-Treats Combo
  • , Gran-OH-la! Dental Health Biscuits & Yum-E-Treats Combo , Gran-OH-la! Dental Health Biscuits & Yum-E-Treats Combo

Gran-OH-la! Dental Health Biscuits & Yum-E-Treats Combo

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Treats for Your Sugar Bear: Learn the Facts!


Gran-OH-la! Dental Health Biscuits are the result of years of extensive formulation and testing. They are certified image, and have PROVEN provide just the right balance of valuable dental abrasion, digestive 'roughage', and important vitamins & nutrients - all in one crunchy, YUMMY little treat!

  • Cleans teeth & gums AUTOMATICALLY simply by doing what they already love - eating treats! Since gliders only grow one set of teeth in their lifetimes - it's very important to take care of them early on.
  • Promotes optimal digestion from “one end to the other” by providing a precise balance of digestive ‘roughage’ designed to support and maintain a healthy digestive system! 
  • Infused with important enzymes, essential oils, and a wide range of important nutrients!

Yum-E-Treats is the result of over a decade of research that combines the TOP FIFTEEN sweet snacks most loved by Gliders. Even more importantly, all the ingredients in this proprietary “Super-Mix” are 100% Certified Organic; which is EXTREMELY important since almost all other dried fruits and snacks on the market contain Sulfur and other chemical preservatives which can be harmful to Gliders. 

  • Scientifically-Balanced just for Sugar Gliders. Incorporates all their favorite foods in exactly the right amounts. Gliders LOVE a wide range of treats - and they’ll NEVER get tired of it!
  • Speeds-Up Training process by rewarding them with an extremely wide-range of treats they go absolutely BONKERS for!
  • 100% SAFE for your Glider – and YOU! Made from only the highest-quality 100% Organic ingredients. Try it – you’ll like it TOO!
  •  SAVE $$$: MUCH cheaper than trying to buy other “treat foods” at your local supermarket. Best quality – Lowest Cost!


Due to the heat sensitivity of the product, we take extra measures to ensure that your Yum-E-Treats arrive in top condition. This includes shipping them separately in a "cooler" box and postponing shipments until the following Monday or Tuesday. Over the years, we've learned this is necessary to avoid your little one's treats sitting in a hot delivery truck all weekend. This cooler bag requires an additional $4 for shipping.

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  1. Midas LOVES these treats!! review by Christine on 7/3/2017

    I was skeptical at first, but my little buddy love love loves them! It is the first thing he eats out of his bowl! I will make sure to always have a supply for him :)

  2. They love it!! review by April on 2/21/2017

    I purchased this product looking for reward treats that are healthy! They love it!! The treats are a little difficult to break, but totally worth the effort, they actually "steal " pieces from each other!! This is one of their favorite treats!! I purchased the 2 products together, wonderful treats that will last a while! Totally recommend!!

  3. Great treats but hard to break review by Christina on 2/4/2017

    Our babies love them but the directions say 1/4 to 1/2 bisquit per glider. They are really hard to break.

  4. it took a while for my sugar bear to get used to that food but now it!!!! review by fernando on 12/27/2016

    it took a while for my sugar bear to get used to that food but now it!!!!

  5. Absolutely Amazing! review by Sam on 12/19/2016

    I would recomend this to every sugar bear lover out their who seeks additional nutritional needs that their fuzzbutts will love!

  6. Remi's Not Impressed, but I Am review by Lex on 11/7/2016

    Surprisingly Remi is isn't super interested in either of the granola or yum-e-treats. He does eat it eventually, but he's much more likely to enjoy his glider chow with gravy on top then the treats.
    Even though there's no way to tell whether your glider will enjoy it or not before purchasing...I will say I was happy with these two products because they will last a very long time. I chopped up a decent supply of the biscuits into 1/4 sized pieces and froze the rest. Same with the fruit except the fruit is already in small enough portions. It seems expensive but it'll last so long.
    Even if your glider ends up not being super fans...they'll most likely still eat it and the granola biscuits make me happy knowing his teeth are being taken care of.
    Next time I'll probably just order the dental granola without the yum-e-treats.

  7. biscuits and the Yum E Treats combo review by CG on 10/11/2016

    Our little ones seem to like the biscuits but are more picky on the Yum E Treats. The yogurt drops are the biggest hit, the other fruit some they like better then others (some just make good throwing objects :). It would be great if all the treats were precut to Glider size. Would love to be able to purchase the capsules only from the Hide-A-Treat Brain Game toy, to put these snacks in around their cage

  8. They love it! review by Tammy on 6/21/2016

    It is fun to see who will get to me faster to get one of the biscuits or Yum-E-Treats! I love knowing that I can spoil my fuzz butts with treats that are both safe and nutritious!

  9. YUM-O review by Mommy of 2 Sugar Bears on 5/24/2016

    Titus and Sugar absolutely love these treats! However, the biscuits should be made into smaller pieces. Save money and buy this combo of treats!

  10. So far so good review by Kiauna on 5/2/2016

    Scrat is still pretty young, so he hasn't had many treats yet, but the one treat I gave him he seemed to really enjoy. So far so good!

  11. gliders favorite review by tara on 4/29/2016

    They werent too fond of the biscuits as they are a little hard. they LOVE the dried fruit and yogurt drops though!

  12. can these fruits be made with my dehydrator, and how to preserve Yum E Treats I purchased review by Sheri on 4/26/2016

    It is enjoyed by the babies. But From the fliers handed out (which I still have) where they were sold, said the cost of feeding these sweeties was 48.00 yearly. Maybe for the sugar glider chow and vitamins. but 59.00 every six months for the glider gravy alone. and then these snacks at 40 something. Are we supposed to freeze or refrigerate the snacks, they came in a foil pouch but nothing in advisement. Too expensive to have spoil. I have a food dehydrator, can one make them fresh. all but the yogurt drops. A friend and I both bought these little cuties because we are on fixed incomes and could not afford cats and dogs, but we wanted to love something, It does not sound so cheap, now.

  13. Dental Biscuits and Yum E Treats review by Lora on 4/17/2016

    My gliders, Tater & Tot love the biscuits and the Yum E Treats. The only issue I have with them are some of the sizes in the treat mix and the biscuits. The biscuits have to be cut to size which makes a mess and is annoying to have to do every time I get one for them. Same with the snack mix, some of the mix needs to be cut down to portion size for the gliders. This is an issue for me not the gliders. The gliders love it all!

  14. Very Good Treats review by Martha on 4/1/2016

    These are good ideas but both need to be chopped or made smaller. Gliders have small hands and its hard to hold one still while eating it too.

  15. Kona loves these! review by Makayla on 3/17/2016

    My sugar bear Kona loves to lick the powder stuff off first it's so cute then she will eat the treat it's the funniest thing she does it every time

  16. My gliders aren't fans... review by Evan on 3/17/2016

    It seems the only things my gliders appreciate from PP are the pellets. Anything else dusted with the powder or gravy is "passable" to them.
    They do eat the pellets with gravy on them, if I limit what else is in the cage, but they won't touch the glide-a-mins powder and these treats seem to have a similar smell, so I'm wondering if they are dusted in it? Either way, my gliders sparingly take these.

  17. Fun snacks review by Justin on 3/15/2016

    It's so awesome to have a giant bag with a variety of delicious snacks! Very cost effective as well!

  18. Grrrreat! review by KB on 3/11/2016

    Our glider will wake up from a deep sleep for the yogurt chips and can't stay away from the biscuits! The tiny bits of fruit are perfect for a little treat when he doesn't expect it and doesn't ruin his dinner.. :o)

  19. Yummy! review by Tiffany on 3/2/2016

    I gave my babies this treat last night and they LOVED it! I am tempted to try it myself! ;) The only improvement I would recommend would be to make them smaller in size so I don't have to cut them up.

  20. Love this combo! review by Wimble on 2/29/2016

    Our girl LOVES the yogurt drops in the fruit mix the best (she goes through and picks them out to eat before anything else), and she devours the dental biscuits. Definitely a great combo and value for how much you're getting of each!

  21. Love their treats. review by Amy on 2/3/2016

    Our babies love these treats and come running when they hear the package opening. My only issue is the portion size. The biscuits say to give a 1/2 biscuit, but they are hard to break. I wish they would make them single serving size.

  22. Another product to LOVE! review by Heather on 2/3/2016

    We love the Dental Biscuits and Yum-E-Treats and so does our glider! He gobbles them right up and we don't have to worry if it's good for him or not. It's so safe and we can just sit back and enjoy watching him eat his treats in all his cuteness!! Thank you!! And these bags will last forever!

  23. My babies love these! review by Michelle on 2/3/2016

    Especially the yogurt treats. They stop whatever they are doing or wake right up when they smell these to grab them out of our hands and gobble them up.

  24. They love it!! review by denise on 1/24/2016

    This is a great idea putting these two treats together. They absolutely love these equally. The fact that the Yum-E-Treats are organic makes me happy and their favorites are the yogurt treats shaped like kisses.The Grand-Oh-La is great for their teeth and love them too. I would highly recommend these products.

  25. Love these !!! review by Jeni on 1/22/2016

    My sugar bears love these tasty little treats !

  26. Sweet review by Twyla & Mark on 1/11/2016

    Don't tell Virgil he is correct in all the data he has on his web site, from the handling, cages (homes), food to the toys, they love it all and not having to worry "is it safe" is a relief within itself. Thanks Pocket Pets team!

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