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, Melon-Licious Glide-R-Chow

Melon-Licious Glide-R-Chow


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  • , Melon-Licious Glide-R-Chow , Melon-Licious Glide-R-Chow

Melon-Licious Glide-R-Chow

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Quick Overview

  • NEW INFUSION of all-natural, organic ingredients.

  • CREATE ENDLESS flavor combinations by mixing with Original, Euca-Licious, Papaya-Licious and Berry-Licious Glide-R-Chow Formulas.

  • VETERINARIAN approved

  • SPECIALTY-FORMULATED with the same nutritional benefits as Glide-R-Chow Original Formula


Availability: In stock

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Nothing beats the feeling of biting into a mouthwatering slice of melon – especially on a hot summer day!..

Now thanks to our new special formula, your little buddies can enjoy this same kind of taste all year round with Melon-Licious Glide-R-Chow™! Along with promoting luscious fur-growth, this chow’s natural infusion of specialized enzymes will keep your gliders tummy both happy and healthy. As with all of original and other flavored chows, Melon-Licious™ has been scientifically-formulated to exceed ALL your Sugar Bear’s unique nutritional needs - while still eliminating that strong 'musky' smell at the same time. :)

***PLEASE contact Customer Care for storage methods*** We do not recommend Tupperware storage containers unless they are made specifically for the storage of animal food.

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  1. Sweetpea does not leave anything!! review by TRICIA on 9/25/2017

    Sweetpea loves this flavor. She makes sure everything is gone when I pull her diner out to wash it. This goes a lot better than the blueberry,

  2. Gliders love this review by debra on 7/24/2017

    My gliders love this. As soon as I open the bag they line up at the cage door. I even love the smell.

  3. THEY LOVE IT review by CG on 7/21/2017

    Put 2 bowls of chow in the cage:
    1.) the original flavor we received when purchase our babies (knowing the like it)
    2.) the Melon (Make sure they liked it before the original ran out)
    woke up in the morning and the Melon flavor was all Eaten :)
    Hopefully the other flavors they will like just as much (Testing over then next few days)

  4. Awesomeness review by Jessica on 7/17/2017

    My girls love this flavor and I love the smell.

  5. Glide-R-Chow review by Ashley on 6/28/2017

    Melon-Licious = Delicious :)

  6. They Love It !!!! review by Don on 5/18/2017

    Our little guys love the Melon-Licious Glide-R-Chow and prefer to even their snacks! Thanks for a great product.

  7. Smells great! Babies love it. review by June on 4/27/2017

    It's nice to have a pet food that smells so delicious! Momo and Mingu definitely approve!

  8. Bubba, Crowley, and Moose approve! review by Alexandra on 4/21/2017

    Just got the Melon flavor chow today and my boys LOVE it! Smells delicious :) Only complaint that I have is that my bags were only about 2/3 of the way full.. Kinda expected more for the price.

  9. Very pleased review by Kathryn on 4/13/2017

    My little sister LOVE this!! Smells wonderful

  10. Wow do my babies love this flavor! review by Jennifer on 2/22/2017

    I mix this with the original flavor and they just love it. They wait for me in the morning to refill their dish and have a midnight snack before going to bed. Thanks for creating another great flavor!

  11. Smells delicious! review by Liz on 2/9/2017

    Just received my first order of this today for my boys. As soon as I opened the package that it shipped in, the whole envelope smelled of the melon flavor and it smells wonderful. My boys really seem to like the flavor as well. Thanks for the variety!

  12. Love it review by Kelly on 12/19/2016

    Eleanor and Theodore love this food, just like all the others! I'm so glad they have all these flavor to choose from! Just like us - they live the variety!

  13. Great addition review by Heather on 12/10/2016

    My little ones love this new flavor it makes a nice mix with the original glider chow. The bag is smaller than the original flavor, so it might last for two gliders for three or four months.

  14. SO good! review by Girl2016 on 12/9/2016

    My bears love this stuff!

  15. My Girls Love this flavor review by Vickie on 11/7/2016

    My girls love this flavor. I mix it with the regular flavor. But, they don't like it with the Glider Gravy on it.

  16. Better than treats! review by HGZsmama on 10/12/2016

    Truly my babies' favorite flavor from their favorite treat. My oldest is picky, but Melon is her favorite: Thanks for bringing variety into our fuzz-butts' lives, and a sense of peace of mind for us mommies!

  17. Melon-icious review by David on 10/9/2016

    Our babies love this flavor just as much as the other flavors,another great product from Pocket Pets

  18. Melon-licious Glider Chow review by Lora on 10/7/2016

    Tater and Tot really love this flavor of chow. It smells just like melon!

  19. My babies enjoy very much review by Evan on 9/27/2016

    This is my babies favorite flavor!!! And it smells like fresh real melon!!!!

  20. Glider gravy review by Denise on 9/25/2016

    Marty really likes the melon glider chow. Nice to have a change

  21. Glider gravy review by Denise on 9/25/2016

    Marty really likes the melon glider chow. Nice to have a change

  22. Delicious review by David on 9/19/2016

    When we opened the bag our gliders just went right for the food and locked the bowl clean

  23. Melon licious Chow review by Michael on 9/19/2016

    Don't know if my last review went through but I mixed the original with the Melon licious Glide-R Chow and it gets eaten up with no problems. Thanks from my gliders tummies for the new flavors. Yum!

  24. Melon-licious Glider Chow review by Michael on 9/19/2016

    I have mixed this with the original and it seems like they get eaten up without no problems. Thanks for the other flavors. Gives our babies a change in flavor.

  25. Cookie and Taz love their new melon glide-r-chow!! review by Terri on 9/10/2016

    They gobble it down!

  26. It's a hit! review by Amanda on 8/16/2016

    I didn't think Pikachu could love anything more than her Strawberries and Cream food, but she LOVES this melon flavor.

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