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The Pocket Pets Rewards Program

Shop. Earn. Save.

Every Dollar = 1 Point!

Shop. Earn. Save.

Want MORE bang for your buck? Join our Rewards Program where your cash goes towards MORE than just your purchase! If you already have an account with us, you are AUTOMAGICALLY signed up - if you do not click here to sign up!!!

Every dollar you spend (before tax) = 1 point

Every 100 points you gain = 1 dollar!

Yes, REAL money!

  • Gather 500 points, and you are eligible for 5 dollars off!
  • Gather 1,000 Points, and you are eligible for 10 dollars off!
  • Gather 1,500 Points, and you are eligible for 15 dollars off!

…And so on, and so forth!

How do I spend my points?


  • Load up on goodies for your fuzz butts!
  • Visit Your Shopping Cart!
  • Look at the right sidebar and choose how many points you want to spend!(see the picture below!)
  • Proceed to checkout to Complete your purchase

How do I earn More Points!?

  • Rate our products, earn points
  • Write an approved review, earn points
  • Like us on Facebook, earn points!
  • Share us on Facebook, earn points!
  • Refer us to friends, earn points!


  • 500 POINT BONUS When You Purchase an I-Home!
  • 200 POINT BONUS When You Purchase 2 Year supply of Glide-R-Chow!
  • 200 POINT BONUS When You Purchase a 6 Month Supply of Glide-R-Gravy!
  • Special Bonus after Your 5th Order!
  • 1.5 Points Per Dollar On Orders Over $300

Need to Return/Exchange?

In the case that you need to return or exchange and item, the points gained from the purchase will be removed.

Important Notes

  • All points earned must be redeemed within 1 ONE year period.
  • All points earned on returned purchases will be removed
  • Pocket Pets reserves the right to change, alter or discontinue this program at any time
  • Pocket Pets reserves the right to exclude specific customers from the program due to special pricing arrangements, or other reasons.
  • Customer accounts showing no purchase activity for a period of 12 months from date of last purchase, will be deemed inactive and will be deleted and qualifying purchases that were in this account will be not be recoverable.