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Sugar Glider Education

Sugar Glider Education Guide

Virgil Klunder here! I’m the Executive Director of PocketPets, and on behalf of everyone on our team, let me be the first to say “Congrats” on the new sugar glider addition to your family! Since the next few weeks are so important in helping you develop a healthy and LOVING relationship with your new baby(ies), for the next 20 days we will go through this together with helpful little “tricks & shortcuts” that we’ve learned over the years.

Over the many years we’ve been doing this, we’ve found that most proud new sugar glider “parents” have pretty much the SAME set of questions and issues during the first few weeks with their new sugar glider babies. Since we LOVE these little darlings so much, we take our responsibility to give you all the CORRECT information you need VERY seriously.

Unfortunately, in today’s “internet age”, almost any person, chat room, or group can look like “experts” on a subject – even though they aren’t remotely qualified to give advice to others. That being said, when it comes to the world of Sugar Bears (also commonly known as Sugar “Gliders”), the internet is FULL of misleading – and downright WRONG – information that can:

  1. Get VERY confusing to a new “mom” or “dad” like yourself, and
  2. actually harm or even kill your new baby(ies).

Unfortunately, over the years we’ve seen FAR too many incidents where well-meaning “new parents” have innocently followed advice from one chat room and/or Sugar Glider “expert” site they found on the Internet – and their babies have died. With that in mind, if you haven’t already read this, the following link is an independent article that examines the damaging effects of Sugar Glider “expert” internet sites and message boards.

Because the health and well-being of your baby(ies) is literally on the line, we felt it was extremely important to “cut through” all of the internet hype and give members of our “family” ONE SIMPLE RESOURCE where you can come to get all the safe, FACTUAL information you need. That is why we created the Sugar Glider Education Guide. Each day covers a specific question or topic that almost all sugar glider “parents” encounter at some point along their exciting and rewarding journey. They are “to-the-point”, and jam-packed with “hands-on” shortcuts we’ve learned over the many years we’ve been raising and caring for these loving little animals. As such, we STRONGLY recommend you follow the advice laid out in them.

Also, another excellent resource for very reliable Sugar Glider information is the Association of Sugar Glider Veterinarians(TM). This is a “vets-only” professional association, and they have produced an outstanding series of over 20 short educational videos for new owners like yourself that cover almost every possible aspect of owning and caring for these little darlings. All the videos are completely FREE to new owners, and you can watch them at their website


The Sugar Glider Education Guide is Broken Up into Easy-To-Follow, Daily Steps!

Please click on each image for the daily sugar glider lesson