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, Nutri-Bones Optimal Health Biscuits

Nutri-Bones Optimal Health Biscuits


(In stock)

  • , Nutri-Bones Optimal Health Biscuits , Nutri-Bones Optimal Health Biscuits
  • , Nutri-Bones Optimal Health Biscuits , Nutri-Bones Optimal Health Biscuits
  • , Nutri-Bones Optimal Health Biscuits , Nutri-Bones Optimal Health Biscuits

Nutri-Bones Optimal Health Biscuits

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Quick Overview

  • Unique Blend of greens, enzymes, and a wide range of Key nutrients for optimal health.

  • Supports cognitive, digestive, and dental health so your babies benefit from you spoiling them.

  • No Artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors! Only the good stuff!

  • Scientifically-Balanced especially for Sugar Gliders & 100% Glider Safe

  • Save $$$ Much CHEAPER & SAFER than trying to buy other "treat-type" foods at your local supermarket. Best Quality at the Lowest Cost!

  • Veterinarian Approved!

  • Click here for the cutest video!


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As we all know, one of the cutest things about having these little guys in our homes is watching them eat - and once they “latch onto” NUTRI-BONES™ you can just sit back and let the FUN begin!

Leave it to our amazing team of world-class Veterinarians and nutrition experts to come up a SUPER-cute, and ULTRA-healthy treat that your babies will go bonkers for!!!

NUTRI-BONES™ help your darling’s absorb all the key vitamins and minerals they need - without expanding their waistline! :-) Scientifically-formulated and balanced just for our little buddies, NUTRI-BONES™ are made with all-natural and nutrient-dense ingredients to specifically enhance their overall:

  • Brain Function
  • Dental Health, and
  • Unique Digestion.

Like all our foods and treats, NUTRI-BONES™ have been infused with our proprietary, Od-R-Guard™ Technology - so that your little ones can enjoy snacking without developing the offensive odor that commonly happens when they eat other types of generic, non-approved “treats”.

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  1. A good treat option review by Amanda on 7/21/2017

    At first my little guy wasn't really a fan of these, which was disappointing since I jumped on ordering them as soon as they came out. I found he would eat them if I put them with his food and they were soaked in gravy. Eventually he is starting to warm up to them, he will now occasionally take one on it's own. I think he would rather the blueberry flavored ones probably so I will get those next time.

  2. ALWAYS good to have on hand review by vanessa on 7/1/2017

    Both my little babies come running for these and I feel happy knowing its good for their teeth.

  3. Cookie love review by Frank's mom on 6/19/2017

    My fuzz butt loves these treats! We call them his cookies. He makes happy noises while he eats them, and will even wake up in the middle of the day just with a little shake of the bottle. We are definitely limiting his cookie intake so he doesn't stop eating his pellets in hopes of getting more nutri-bones!

  4. Great treat review by amanda on 5/29/2017

    I've never seen anything be eaten so quickly! Knowing that it's healthy for my baby is the big factor but obviously it tastes great to him too

  5. Cute and Tasty! review by Bailey on 4/19/2017

    My little guy Rocket absolutely LOVES these treats, and it is so cute that they look like tiny dog bones. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because I do have to break them in half for him, because they are hard for him to eat otherwise.

  6. They love them . I break them in half and hide them in their plastic balls that hang from their interactive snuggy bed. I think one or two are hogging them all review by Kathleen on 4/11/2017

    They love them . I break them in half and hide them in their plastic balls that hang from their interactive snuggy bed. I think one or two are hogging them all. I will have to pay more attention to see if they are all getting their fair share.

  7. Great treats! review by Derin on 4/10/2017

    I have 2 Sugar Gliders, so I frequently put 2 of these Biscuits in their food bowl with the rest of their food. They always run to the bowl and each grab one first thing, even before going to their apple slices!

  8. They love it!! review by April on 3/4/2017

    Purchased for my sugar babies, they absolutely love it, and they look to me for these treats!! They look adorable when holding and nibbling on them. Very easy to break apart to hide into toys!! Highly recommend!!

  9. Gotta have more review by Kristi on 3/4/2017

    I own a few suggies n a friend of mine does as well n they gave me a couple of biscuits for my gliders n they loved it I gotta buy more thxs!

  10. Nutri-Bones review by Vicki on 2/9/2017

    I have two fuzzballs the same age. The male loves the Nutri-Bones but the female won't douch them. I keep offering them to her but she has never accepted one. The male glider says that leaves more for him.

  11. Instant Hit review by Katie on 1/24/2017

    In Canada, there are no sugar bears treats, so as soon as I see this biscuits. I quickly ordered it and gave it a try . Both Momo and GusGus love it to pieces that every time I shake the bottle they come running out to get the biscuits.

  12. Like them at certain times review by Curt on 1/15/2017

    My two sugar gliders (Charlie and Lucy) like these some days, and some days they don't care for them. I have yet to figure the differences, but I believe they like them best after first waking up at night.

  13. Full nutrition and babies love it!! review by Sabrosa on 1/15/2017

    We recently adopted two sugar babies only to have a surprise when we found out one of our girls was pregnant with twins boys!! We have a friend that recommended pocket pets for their complete nutrition.....Before we were going crazy trying to keep our lil ones happy with a variety of food each night and treats.....These biscuits were a hit! Even Gizmo our super picky younger female munches these down!!

  14. Good product review by amanda on 12/12/2016

    My little guys love these things I actually hide them in the treat hideaways I have and it amazes me how determined they are to get them out and is entertaining to watch

  15. Nutri-Bones review by Paul on 11/28/2016

    My two girls loves these Nutri-Bones. Just like Santa and cookies.

  16. Brought tons of fun!! review by Sheyla on 11/9/2016

    Sam loves it. She almost expects it nightly to receive so we make it for her.

  17. LOVE THESE review by Katrina on 10/31/2016

    Both my babies love these bones!! Almost more than their cookies. They don't get them everyday (only when they have eaten their food well). So they are excited when they get them.

  18. Wake Up treat after potty training review by Dwight on 9/7/2016

    After our potty training session, we give them 1/2 a bone & they go crazy. It's a great little reward for the challenge of potty training.

  19. Going crazy over the treats review by Dwight on 9/3/2016

    First time they wouldn't take them, but now they almost jump out of the bonding pouch to have a treat.

  20. Very good for Sugar Bears review by Maddie on 8/30/2016

    These are a wonderful treat and are very good for sugar gliders highly recommend.

  21. a cage divided review by Deane on 8/27/2016

    When these first came out i jumped on something new. At first both both my male and female liked these; however, after a few months of having these, my male stopped liking them hence the 4 star review. Had they both liked them id give 5 stars. Im ordering the blueberry ones to see if that makes a difference for him. its funny how choosy these little guys can be.

  22. Good & bad review by Paul on 8/21/2016

    I have two female gliders same age. One of them loves the bones and the other pushes them away.

  23. Great product! review by Jenny on 7/8/2016

    Our gliders LOVE these little biscuits, and it's the cutest thing to watch them grasp and nibble on them. I also appreciate that they're not eating junk food because the biscuit are nutricious.

  24. Delish❣ review by Debbie on 6/9/2016

    My 2 Sugar Gliders absolutely love these little bones❣ I'm so glad they were created. All pet lovers love buying tasty treats that their pet(s) love. These bones are their second favorite treat; they're first are the yogurt chips. Will purchase again‼️

  25. THEY JUST LOVE THEM review by Donna on 6/9/2016

    I have never been unhappy with any item purchase from PocketPets. They really have the best interest in the sugar gliders.

  26. She likes them! review by Yvonne on 6/7/2016

    I like the fact they are healthy for her and have the greens and enzymes in them, as well as being good for her teeth. She never turns them down!

  27. They were good. review by Nile on 6/3/2016

    Achilles loved it and carried it in his mouth like a dog. Lily really didn't have much to do with them. She would lick and go about her business. We continue to give them their biscuit at night and it is gone in the morning.

  28. great critter interaction but review by Jeffrey R on 6/3/2016

    The glides love them, The only disappointment is how many broken or crushed , misshappen bones there were otherwise they are great, maybe a softer packaging......

  29. The Best!!! review by Betsy on 6/2/2016

    They love them!! They devour them and then everything else. My gliders never used to eat this well. Now they half an apple between them and plenty of chow. The bones seem to make them hungry. Worth every penny

  30. Our babies love these bones! review by Julia on 5/30/2016

    These are without a doubt our babies' favorite thing they have eaten so far! It is so cute to watch them eat these! They gobble them down so fast because whomever finishes first will try to steal what is remaining from the slower eater. We get our best bonding from looking in their eyes while they are munching. Absolutely love these!

  31. My-o-My review by Scrat & Honey on 5/29/2016

    Oh so yummy in my tummy

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