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, TWO Year Supply of Berry-Licious Glide-A-Mins

TWO Year Supply of Berry-Licious Glide-A-Mins


(In stock)

  • , TWO Year Supply of Berry-Licious Glide-A-Mins , TWO Year Supply of Berry-Licious Glide-A-Mins
  • , TWO Year Supply of Berry-Licious Glide-A-Mins , TWO Year Supply of Berry-Licious Glide-A-Mins
  • , TWO Year Supply of Berry-Licious Glide-A-Mins , TWO Year Supply of Berry-Licious Glide-A-Mins

TWO Year Supply of Berry-Licious Glide-A-Mins

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Quick Overview

  • Flavor Enhanced with hand-picked organic strawberries

  • Safest & Most Cost Effective way to keep your little darling's nutritional needs covered

  • Create Endless flavor combinations your fuzzbutts will LOVE with our flavored Glide-R-Chow formulas

  • 100%

  • Veterinarian Approved!

Between this and the Glide-R-Chow, they are scientifically-formulated to exceed ALL your Glider's unique nutritional needs - and eliminate that strong 'musky' smell at the same time! :-)

Now available in your fuzz butt's favorite flavor: Blue-Yum-Yum


Availability: In stock

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Like Glide-R-Chow, Glide-A-Mins is also the result of many years of scientific formulation. It is specifically designed not only to meet ALL the specific vitamin and mineral requirements that are SO unique to Sugar Gliders – but it ALSO provides a wide range of additional "safeguard" ingredients that will enhance and maintain the overall health of your Glider's entire digestive system. 

- 100% Veterinarian approved

- Desinged to be used in conjuction with Glide-R-Chow

- Approximately enough for two years for 1 Sugar Glider - or - one year supply for 2 Sugar Gliders

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  1. Roscoe loves this!! review by Carla on 9/25/2017

    Roscoe loves this new flavor. He eats it up!

  2. Easy to use and they love it! review by Jade on 8/4/2017

    Just sprinkle in their apples and feed. They seem to love this stuff because they will try to lick the side of the bowl and if any gets on my finger they are licking my fingers too.

  3. Nice change review by Leslie on 6/28/2017

    The Berry-Licious Glide-A-Mins are a nice change of flavor! I do wish shipping was a bit better. It took FedEx SurePost over a week to get it here and I could have driven to pick it up for what it cost to ship it.

  4. Berry-Licious Glide-A-Mins review by Linda on 4/28/2017

    My baby really likes the regular glide-a-mins. BUT when I got the berry-licious glide-a-mins, wow she really loves it.

  5. Good stuff review by Bel on 4/8/2017

    I have to fur babies who love the sprinkles on their apples. It is alway so cute to watch them like it off. I give this to them regularly and they are very healthy.

  6. If they don't like plain try the Strawberry review by Katte on 3/23/2017

    My guys stopped liking the regular flavor. I switched to the strawberry and they like it.

  7. My baby loves this review by Rebekah on 3/15/2017

    My little girl absolutely loves this!

  8. Yum! review by Monica on 2/28/2017

    We switched the flavor of vitamins and they love it.

  9. Its a hit! review by Scott on 1/4/2017

    When I put their apples in their cage sprinkled with these vitamins my Sam and Sally can't get to them fast enough! They love it! It helps knowing they are getting the nutrition they need with this simple product.

  10. Loved review by Covu on 12/29/2016

    My 2 Gliders babes love this! It's a great bundle that gives you everything

  11. Ginger eats this stuff up! Great product review by Ginger on 12/9/2016

    She's loves this stuff

  12. A Fuzz butt love review by Claudia on 10/26/2016

    My little fuzz butt loves this! He simply eats it all up and anything I sprinkle it on in an instant! I definitely recommend this to any owner out there

  13. Kai absolutely LOVES this! review by Joe on 8/6/2016

    Truly a quality product - Kai always love taking her Glide - A - Mins , but now that I've switched over to these I can't get to her bowl fast enough for her. She devours her apple in no time at all.

  14. Best thing review by Meg on 8/1/2016

    This is the best it is easy to pour and my babies love the taste they eat it all up right away

  15. great product to have ... review by Helga on 6/7/2016

    my babies love it ... no questions to ask ....

  16. YUMMY review by Mommy of 2 Sugar Bears on 5/23/2016

    I love knowing that Titus & Sugar are getting their daily dose of vitamins. I sprinkle this on their apple slices every other night and they eat it right up. Yummy and nutritious.

  17. Glider vitamin review by Jennifer on 5/23/2016

    My sugar gliders love this on their apple slices and I know they are getting the vitamins they need.

  18. feeing better review by Joy on 5/22/2016

    Izzy loves this product. She is so energetic and lively. She is healthy and happy now . When I first got her she wasn't very active but with proper nutrition she has done so well.

  19. How much Glide-A-Mins per sugar glider? review by Michelle on 5/16/2016

    I can't find anything that says how much of the Glide-A-Mins should be sprinkled on their food. My Gizmo was at the vet yesterday with a calcium deficiency, and I sprinkle this on his food every other day. How do I know if I'm giving him enough? He was prescribed a calcium supplement, but I want to make sure that he is getting what he needs in his daily diet. Please help. There are no instructions on the label or on this website.

  20. Great Addition to their Diet review by Charles on 5/12/2016

    My Hillary loves Glide-A-Mins. She right to it and licks it off her apple slice before she ever thinks about eating the apple slice. I wish you will sell it in a one year supply as well. I will continue to purchase it and use it but wish I could purchase a smaller supply. I think you customers would appreciate a choice with many of your nutritional products. Plus I think your shipping and handling prices are too high.

  21. My gliders love it! review by Sarah on 5/11/2016

    Zig and Zara love this stuff. Zig will lick it off of an apple before eating the apple.

  22. Vitamins review by Larry on 5/8/2016

    We use the vitamins on our fuzzbutts food, they love it and I like knowing it is keeping them healthy.

  23. my babies love it review by tara on 4/29/2016

    Such a simple way of ensuring my babies get extra vitamins they need. they run to their dinning room every other night to hurry up and lick it all off.

  24. 3 healthy babies review by Brian on 4/20/2016

    Originally we only had one sugar bear, but within a month ended up getting 3 of them. All of the little ones are healthy and thriving with their vitamins added into their diet.

  25. Tasty addition that my Glider loves. review by WildArtist on 4/17/2016

    My Sugar Glider loves this product! If it is sprinkled on her veggies and fruit, or simply on her Glider Chow, it is devoured. When she gets bored with certain foods, she'll dive into a special sprinkling of this delicious smelling powder. The Glide A Mins seems to help keep her energetic and interested in the green foods. Can she overload? We have to keep it sealed up tight. ;)

  26. Necessary vitamins they love review by Peter on 4/3/2016

    I purchased the 2-year essential vitamin product and our babies love this vitamin supplement! Both our little guys lick the vitamins completely off whatever food we put it on.

  27. Coco LOVES the Glide-a-Mins. He would hurry to lick both apples before Gizmo could. review by nezzer on 3/29/2016

    My babies would glide around the cage in excitement to taste the Glide-a-Mins on their apples. Coco would hurry to lick it all off both slices before Gizmo could get to her piece. He is much bigger than her so maybe that's part of the reason. Excellent product. Well worth the money and an excellent product to assist in odor elimination/minimization.

  28. Great supplement review by Jamie on 3/28/2016

    What a great product! I love knowing that my babies are getting additional vitamins and minerals in addition to there normal diet. Simple and easy and they love the taste I put it on both their dry pellets and also their fruit.

  29. Vitamins review by Melissa on 3/1/2016

    The vitamins smell great (kind of like vanilla and berry) and Zelda and Lolly seem to enjoy it.

  30. Yum! Yum! review by Melissa on 2/9/2016

    This essential vitamin is great! Every time our baby gets an apple, we sprinkle the vitamin on top and she goes crazy licking it off! We have had our "Gliddie" for 6 months and so far all the required supplements and glider chow have been wonderful! No complaints!

  31. Vitamins review by Dottie on 2/3/2016

    This product speaks for it's self. The little things need vitamins and she licks it off all her fruit and food before she eats it. . Very cute to watch.

  32. My babies love it. review by Joanne M. on 1/27/2016

    This is such an easy product to use. Every couple of days I sprinkle it on my babies apples and I can be certain the apples will be gone in the morning.

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