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, Yuck-E-Stuff Behavioral Training Spray

Yuck-E-Stuff Behavioral Training Spray


(In stock)

  • , Yuck-E-Stuff Behavioral Training Spray , Yuck-E-Stuff Behavioral Training Spray
  • , Yuck-E-Stuff Behavioral Training Spray , Yuck-E-Stuff Behavioral Training Spray
  • , Yuck-E-Stuff Behavioral Training Spray , Yuck-E-Stuff Behavioral Training Spray

Yuck-E-Stuff Behavioral Training Spray

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Quick Overview

The ULTIMATE training aid for even the most stubborn little 'fuzzbutt'. Instantly discourages any unwanted behavior in a positive - kinda funny - way.

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While it’s definitely true that Gliders almost never "chew" on things or bite, when they are little babies they will sometimes "nip" simply because they are scared or skittish. In many ways, young Gliders are just like little kids. Some are "instantly" trusting – and some are a little more temperamental – but with consistent love and discipline, they will become INCREDIBLY affectionate members of your family.

If your little "darling" is particularly "challenged" in the discipline area – then Yuck-E-Stuff Behavioral Training Spray is the RIGHT tool for the job!

All you do is pump 3-4 sprays of Yuck-E-Stuff directly on your skin (or the object you want protected) followed by a firm "NO CHEW" or "NO BITE" command. Even the most stubborn Gliders will respond to Yuck-E-Stuff when used consistently to discourage unwanted behavior.

  • Dramatically speeds up the bonding process by quickly discouraging unacceptable behavior.
  • 100% SAFE for you and your Glider. Safe on skin, wood, fabrics, plants, carpets, etc...
  • Odorless and colorless.
  • Veterinarian used and recommended.
  • Promotes healing when sprayed directly on bare-spots, sores, or cuts by discouraging licking or self-chewing.
  • Works Immediately on contact so "a little spray goes a LONG way". Once they get a "mouthful" of Yuck-E-Stuff, they WILL remember it image



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  1. Seems to work well. review by Rebecca on 5/3/2017

    I've been using this with my baby because he is quite the nibbler. It has helped tremendously for me and my fingers.

  2. Didn't slow Lucy down review by Curtis on 4/19/2017

    A couple of days a week I let Charlie (a male brute) and Lucy (a petite female) out to run around the rooms. Lucy has taken to running under the refrigerator and camping out somewhere in it for the day as she goes to sleep. I bought the Yuck-E-Stuff Training Spray to put a barrier around the bottom of the never slowed her down. I will try another couple of times, but I am not encouraged.

  3. Just recieved review by Christina on 3/14/2017

    Can't wait to try this out. I have one baby who loves to bite. Even when he's out and on you he just wants to continue to bite. So this will be great to get him to stop so I can love on him without worrying about him biting!

  4. Not effective review by Ashley on 2/8/2017

    Well one, this spray is definitely not odorless and smells like bad vinegar. Two, my little guy waits until the product dries and goes right back to what I don't want him doing. I don't want him nibbling at the paper of his poo tray and he does it just about 24/7. I ordered this stuff hoping to deter him ripping the paper and it does not phase him. Even with the NO BITE command, he still wants to rip up the paper.

  5. Love love love review by Cindy on 6/6/2016

    Got this for one of my girls who is very very timid! Got her from a previous owner like that. I looked up everything and tried everything on how to work w a timid glider and nothing worked

  6. It worked. review by Shonna on 6/3/2016

    My son was having a problem with Achilles nibbling where his watch sat on his arm he sprayed the spot and Achilles licked it and stepped back and licked it again and then shook his head. He did it yet another time but finally gave up on trying it.

  7. Great Product review by Sandy on 4/19/2016

    This product really works. My little one loves to nibble on just about everything, We use it when we have tent time. No more finger bites when we use it.

  8. Works great! review by Jessica on 4/6/2016

    We have a very stubborn sugar glider who likes to nip our fingers non stop. We tried this spray once and it cut the nips in half! Second time was even better! When he was put back in his cage he ran over to the side of the cage and pushed the spray off the table! Ha! We haven't had to use it in over 2 weeks and have only had one gentle nip! Love it!

  9. Awesome! review by Maddy on 3/29/2016

    This product is perfect, I even smelt it and its something that would make me not even want to bite anything!! I have only had to use this once from the nibling, but it is great and does the job when it is used correctly.

  10. Great Product review by Lora on 3/23/2016

    I have used the Yuck-E-Stuff a few times now with our little ones along with a no bite command and it is really helping. Thanks

  11. Excelent product review by Tito on 2/24/2016

    This product works perfect! my baby was nibbling a lot but using this product has reduced bites and nibbles, it is so funny the way he reacts to the smelling!

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