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3 Piece Premium Swing-N-Things & Cal-C-Yum Kabob COMBO

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Save $4 by ordering the 3-piece Premium Toy Package and the Cal-C-Yum Kabob Combo

3 Piece Premium Swing-N-Things & Cal-C-Yum Kabob COMBO
3 Piece Premium Swing-N-Things & Cal-C-Yum Kabob COMBO 3 Piece Premium Swing-N-Things & Cal-C-Yum Kabob COMBO 3 Piece Premium Swing-N-Things & Cal-C-Yum Kabob COMBO
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3 Piece Premium Swing-N-Things & Cal-C-Yum Kabob COMBO
3 Piece Premium Swing-N-Things & Cal-C-Yum Kabob COMBO

In stock



    Swing-N-Things 3 Piece Premium Toy Package:

    When it comes to getting the best Sugar Glider toys, it’s always a trade-off. Rope and wood toys are the least expensive, but they usually have to be replaced every few months. Toys made of hardened plastic or stainless steel will generally last for years – but they are a LOT more expensive. 

    Well, due to overwhelming demand from our “moms & dads” out there – we are proud to announce the release of the Swing-N-Things PREMIUM 3-Piece Toy Package! After over a year of testing dozens of toys in literally hundreds of homes across the country, we have created this durable package which consists of the three TOP toys gliders love most! 

    Constructed of image hardened resin, high strength poly-chord, and stainless steel, these toys are machine washable - designed to be ultra-durable - and give your gliders YEARS of endless fun!

    • The Thing: Your little fuzzbutts will think an alien has landed in their cage - and spend hours trying to “capture” it! image
    • Circus Rings: The ultimate test of balance & skill, your gliders will get loads of fun out of this one!
    • The Teeter-Totter: Dip one strand in yogurt – the other in applesauce – and get out of the way! image

    AND we've included the Cal-C-Yum All In One Nutrition Kabob:

     Just like little kids, Gliders:

    1) need to eat their vitamins, and
    2) LOVE to play with toys!..

    ...and the Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob" combines the best of BOTH worlds by automatically transforming "playtime" into one big nutritional "feast". Here’s how it works... 

    As a part of their overall daily diet, Glide-A-Mins provides the complete range of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your little darling(s) need. The most important of all these is a specialized form of Calcium (infused with Vitamin B) that keeps their bones & teeth strong and in tip-top condition. 

    The simple fact is that Gliders can almost never get too much of this valuable mineral. Specifically designed for Sugar Gliders with these needs in mind, the Cal-C-Yum All-in-One Nutrition "Kabob" is the first toy of its kind – and it's completely EDIBLE and nutritious from top to bottom. image

    Here's why it works SO well...

    Have you ever noticed how Gliders almost continuously groom themselves and lick their palms?.. 

    Well, the ingenious design of the Cal-C-Yum actually "TRICKS" even the most stubborn little fuzzbutts into getting their most crucial vitamins, (whether they want to or not), by taking advantage of their most natural habits & instincts. 

    You see, the more they climb and play on the Cal-C-Yum, the more fine calcium and vitamin dust will be scratched off under their claws and rubbed into their fur. Then, later on when they instinctively begin grooming and licking themselves (or their playmates), they AUTOMATICALLY get a healthy dose of the KEY vitamins and minerals without even knowing it. image

    Cal-C-Yum is the best way to KNOW that your little darling(s) are getting all of the key nutrients they need... and a single toy normally lasts about a full year!

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