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Glide-R-Chow Savings Pack - Buy 3 & Get 1 Free!

98% of 100
$87.00 Earn at least 300 Loyal Parent Points Regular Price $116.00

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  • Flavor Enhanced with hand-picked organic melon, strawberries, papaya & eucalyptus!
  • Safest & Most Cost Effective way to SUPER CHARGE your little darling's taste buds & diet plan!
  • Create Endless flavor combinations your fuzzbutts will LOVE with all of our flavored Glide-R-Chow formulas
  • Peace of Mind the same trusted & award winning nutritional formula delivered in exciting flavors
  • 100%
  • Veterinarian Approved!
glide-r-chow savings pack
glide-r-chow savings pack berry-licious glide-r-chow
euca-licious glide-r-chow melon-licous glide-r-chow papaya-licious glide-r-chow
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Glide-R-Chow Savings Pack - Buy 3 & Get 1 Free!
Glide-R-Chow Savings Pack - Buy 3 & Get 1 Free!

In stock

$87.00 Earn at least 300 Loyal Parent Points


    Unsure About Your Sugar Glider Food? Learn More about Glide-R-Chow from this Video.

    Save $29 Instantly With this Glide-R-Chow Savings Bundle: Buy 3 + Get 1 Free!


    Don't be fooled by complicated "internet" diets (that require lots of time to prepare every day), or other packaged foods that claim to be "formulated just for Sugar Gliders". Over the last 15 years, we've researched every one of these so-called "Secret" formulations – and the simple TRUTH is that 99% of the time they are just plain CAT food with a couple other ingredients thrown in. 

    If that's the kind of thing you're looking for, (and you can put up with the odor your gliders WILL have from eating it) then in all honesty, you might want to save yourself a LOT of money and just go to Wal-Mart.  :-)

    If, on the other hand, you want to provide your Gliders with an EXTREMELY simple, cost-effective diet that utilizes "cutting edge" technology to keep your Gliders happy & healthy – then Glide-R-Chow & Glide-A-Mins are the right choice for you!

    Glide-R-Chow is the result of several years of scientific testing and re-formulation with one of the largest "zoo-grade" pet food manufacturers in the world. It is the ONLY food we have ever found which provides ALL a Sugar Glider's nutritional needs WITHOUT causing them to develop that unpleasant - and hard to get rid of - "musky" smell (similar to that of a ferret). 

    NOTE: Glide-R-Chow's formulation has recently been UPGRADED to include Dent-a-Guard. Since gliders only develop one set of teeth in their lifetime, it's important to protect them - and this all-natural formulation makes sure they stay in tip-top condition all the time.  

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