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I-Home Ultimate Sugar Bear Resort

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The first – and ONLY –  “Intelligent Habitat” ever specifically designed for Sugar Bears (a.k.a. Sugar Gliders)!  Finally you can say GOODBYE to dangerous, potentially life-threatening “bird cages” – and give your little darlings the most unique and innovative environment that will make them THRIVE – not just “survive”! :)

*Some Assembly Required*

** Since the I-Home Ultimate Sugar Bear Resort and all of the attachments are individually crafted BY HAND and given it's oversized shipping dimensions, we hope you'll understand why there is a 10-14 business day lead time to ship your cage or attachments :) **

I-Home Ultimate Sugar Bear Resort
I-Home Ultimate Sugar Bear Resort I-Home Ultimate Sugar Bear Resort I-Home Ultimate Sugar Bear Resort I-Home Ultimate Sugar Bear Resort I-Home Ultimate Sugar Bear Resort I-Home Ultimate Sugar Bear Resort

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Learn About All The Cool Features of The I-Home!



IDEAL: For baby Sugar Bears, as well as adult Sugar Bears!

  - The LARGE doors help speed up the bonding process

INGENIOUS: Designed by the top experts in the world to be COMPLETELY unlike any other Sugar Bear/Glider habitat in existence.

INHERENTLY Safe: Certified  using ONLY proprietary, non-toxic, Veterinarian-approved materials.

INTEGRATES seamlessly with your existing Jung-L-Gym Start-R-Cage. ALL of the upgrade attachments designed for the I-Home Ultimate Sugar Bear Resort & Spa ALSO fit perfectly with your Jung-L-Gym Start-R-Cage -  allowing you to “join” and combine them with EASE.

INFINITELY Customizable: In a matter of just MINUTES you can completely change your little darling’s environment on a daily basis!  The possibilities are LITERALLY endless. :)


Until now, there has NEVER been a fully-INTERACTIVE “habitat” designed specifically for Sugar Bears / Sugar Gliders that takes advantage of their extremely high intelligence… bone & hand structure… and all the things that make them SUCH wonderful pets!

The truth is - up until THIS moment – ALL other cages that have been used to house Sugar Bears in the past were, (and still ARE), simply NOTHING more than “bird cages”. The WORST problem with these cages is that it is literally impossible to tell – (especially from any “website” or brochure) – an acceptable one from a cage that will slowly POISON a Sugar Bear over time.  This is simply because they all look the same – and they’re all made in China (or “Europe”).   

The fact is, for many years now numerous peer-reviewed Veterinarian publications, journals, and studies that have ALL UNANIMOUSLY AGREED that “bird cages” (also known as aviaries) are just NOT the best way to house Sugar Bears as pets. Not only is this because of inherent dangers of toxicity poisoning over time - as all bird cages naturally “deteriorate” – but also because our little darlings are typically MUCH more (as much as 82% MORE) active every day in a special type of environment designed in a VERY specific way JUST for their (not a bird’s) needs! :)

With that in mind, the I-Home is quite simply the biggest leap FORWARD in Sugar Bear technology in HISTORY.  Designed by an elite team of the top Sugar Bear Veterinarians, Animal Enrichment Experts, and Zoo Habitat Specialists in the world – it is literally the result of almost TWO YEARS of constant refinement, upgrading and testing.

In short, together this Team has FINALLY developed the first-ever “Intelligent Sugar Bear Habitat” that not only MAXIMIZES your Sugar Bear’s ability to run, jump, glide and engage in a limitless combination of activities - but also challenges their extremely curious and intelligent nature so that they’re not just “surviving”…they’re THRIVING! :)



- 6 Spring-Loaded, “Transitioning” Doors  located on top of the cage allow effortless integration & customization with a wide of upgrade attachments (sold separately).

- 2 Large Reinforced Entry Doors on the front that provide full and complete access to the entire cage with EASE! :)

- 2 Removable, Plastic Poo Trays will not rust, corrode, or absorb odors. Just rinse and go!


Click Here For Your I-Home Ultimate Sugar Bear Resort Assembly Instructions! :)

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