Sugar Glider Food: How to Get the Most out of Your Glide-R-Chow

Learn How to Save Money on Glide-R-Chow & Glide-a-Mins

A few quick tips to maximize the health benefits & stretch your dollar further!

Two Major Keys from Virgil's Money Saving Video:

1. Divide up the big bag of food into EIGHT smaller zip lock bags or tupperware containers & then place 7 of them into the freezer.

2. Store your baby's food bowl in a Sugar Glider Dining Room

Other important things to consider

  • Sugar Gliders, just like humans, will self select the things that they like to eat but that doesn't mean that it is necessarily good for them. That being said, it's very important to be careful about providing your Glider an imbalanced diet with too many sweets!
  • All of the products designed for your Sugar Glider's nutritional benefit contain proprietary OdorGuard technology. This is a combination of ingredients and enzymes specifically designed to prevent your animal from developing an unpleasant odor!
  • Sugar Glider diets do not need to be expensive, or complicated. It's widely understood that the best diet is a balanced diet, with the correct ratio of macro ingredients. We don't put insects in our Glide-R-Chow because it would disrupt the macro nutrient balance designed specifically to deliver the optimal blend to keep your Sugar Glider happy & healthy!
  • Gran-Oh-La is an excellent way to provide a complete oral health solution for your animal, and at the same time give them additional fiber to create additional efficiency in their digestive system. We recommend no more than 1/4 biscuit, per glider, per day.
  • Glide-R-Gravy is a like the "secret sauce" at your favorite pasta factory, and is the ULTIMATE way to complement your baby's diet. It is extremely easy to prepare, and comes in a variety of amazing flavors. The best part is, it provides additional essential oils, enzymes, and digestive health boosting ingredients that makes it like a "Sugar Glider SuperFood".

To learn more about Sugar Glider Food, please watch this short video.


Watch this video To learn more about the benefits of Glide-R-Chow.