Glide-R-Gravy: How to Stretch Your Money the Furthest

Learn How to Save Money by Making the Most out of Your Glide-R-Gravy

A few quick tips to maximize the amazing benefits & stretch your dollar the furthest!


Major Keys to Remember:

1. Stick to a 2:1 Ratio of Water to Glide-R-Gravy when whipping up batches!

2. To make frozen Gravy-Cubes: Mix up a batch, pour into an ice cube tray, let freeze & then place 1/2 Gravy Cube per Glider, per night on top of their Glide-R-Chow!

3. Try using a Glide-A-Mins bottle by first making 3 marks that divide the bottle into 3rds. Then fill the bottom 1/3 with Glide-R-Gravy powder and the top 2/3rds with water. Shake for around 30-45 seconds and when you're ready to serve place 1 tablespoon, per animal, per night over top their Glide-R-Chow.

4. To spoil your baby to the max, try mixing up our all of our different flavors! We've got 3 different flavors of Glide-R-Gravy & 5 flavors of Glide-R-Chow!

The best part about Glide-R-Gravy is that it is literally like the "secret sauce" that goes on your FAVORITE pasta at your FAVORITE pasta house! These little guys go NUTS for this stuff, and it's incredibly easy to make.

Check out this Video of Virg & Lance Whippin' Up A Batch


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