Sugar Glider Gran-Oh-La Money Saving Tips & Tricks

How to Make the Most Out of Your Gran-Oh-La & Yum-E-Treats!


Storage for Yum-E-Treats:

Store in a cool dark place, like your pantry. You don't need to store these treats in the fridge.

Feeding Instructions for Yum-E-Treats:

Gliders love to eat sweets, and so if you are constantly feeding your little buddies too many treats they'll start holding out for the goodies that aren't so good for them. They're so cute to watch while they eat and so you've got ration your treats accordingly. You know, if you were to give one of your darlings something super small, like a yogurt drop, it's actually quite large in comparison to their body mass. Typically speaking, one little morsel per day is enough. The hardest part will be controlling yourself because these little guys LOVE this stuff!

Storage for Gran-Oh-La!

Store these dental biscuits in a cool, dark place. Similar to Yum-E-Treats, you don't need to put these treats in your fridge.

Feeding Instructions for Gran-Oh-La:

Packed to the brim with essential oils and other proprietary ingredients to improve their oral health, these fiber based wafers are fantastic for your little fellas. If you just supply them with 1/4 of one piece per day, your little fuzzy family will be well on their way to excellent dental health!

Closing Notes:

A complete and nutritious diet does not need to be complicated or expensive. If you're smart, and you follow the instructions that we provide we guarantee you a long & loving relationship with your little buddies! Just stick to the GliderSafe & Veterinarian recommended products & advice, and you'll be in good shape!