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The lead Veterinarians of the ASGV recommend refreshing your sugar glider's habitat every couple of weeks because they're so smart. We thought we'd make it easy on you to keep them in tip top mental shape by providing you with some great savings on our line of enrichment toys influenced by the ASGV.
Swing-N-Things A-Thing
Swing-N-Things Candy Cane
  • Designed By Leading Veterinarians With Your Baby's Safety in Mind

  • Durable & Extremely Easy to Clean - Just Toss it In Your Dishwasher

  • Provides HOURS of Enjoyment for Your Fuzzy Family & for YOU!

Peek-A-Chew Treat Tumbler

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We take great pride in serving loving parents, just like you, who believe sugar gliders are far more than just pets - they're family!

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Euca-Licious Glide-R-Chow - Pocket Pets

Your Babies Will LOVE Bandit's Mystery Box!

Bandit's Mystery Box
  • Available in U.S. and Canada

  • Incredible Savings

  • GliderSafe & Veterinarian Recommended


Back for a limited time and more value than ever! Over $107 in retail, it's crazy not to grab one today, while supplies last!

Each box will contain:

-2 Treat products

-1 Toy product

-1 Fleece product

There are products that our staff will be hand picking and you won't know what you get to spoil your furbabies with until you get the box! The coolest part is, at least one of these products will be a new release (before it's available to all customers) OR an exclusive product that will only come with that month's box!! The box will change each time it becomes available. The box will be a retail value of at LEAST $75 (Usually MORE). We would LOVE to see your unboxing videos once you get your haul, so send them in for a chance to be featured on our website and social media pages - and get a special gift!

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