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Taste-E-Tower - Sugar Glider Enrichment Toy

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  • PROMOTES FORAGING INSTINCTS by safely challenging their balance & intelligence!
  • INCREASES COORDINATION they're forced to utilize both higher brain function & their motor skills to find the hidden treasure!
  • ADORABLE FUN sit back, relax & enjoy the show!
  • 100%
  • MULTIPLE USES goes great with all of our GliderSafe Treats!
  • ENRICHING LIVES help your fuzzy family to thrive with the Taste-E-Tunnel Toy!
Taste-E-Tower - Sugar Glider Enrichment Toy
Taste-E-Tower - Sugar Glider Enrichment Toy Taste-E-Tower - Sugar Glider Enrichment Toy

An EXCITING new way to mentally-challenge your little fuzzbutt’s natural instincts – and drive ‘em wild!

Our new Taste-E-Tower™ is part of our industry-leading "Enrichment Toy" series made specifically for Sugar Gliders. By hiding their favorite treats inside the 'secret' openings of the Taste-E-Tower™ , you're giving your little buddies a completely new way to replicate their natural tendencies; while also providing a really fun addition to their habitat!

Made from 100% materials, the Taste-E-Tower™ Enrichment Toy comes fully equipped and ready to go... The only thing you have left to do is follow the instructions from the video to "bury the treasure", and then use the provided clip to hang it inside of your cage.

TOOOO Cool! You've Gotta Check this out! :-)

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