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Yum-E-Treats Tropical Blend - Organic Sugar Glider Snack Mix

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We're happy to provide this NEW variety of our Best Selling Yum-E-Treats! Give this Tropical Blend a try and let us know just how much your babies love it!

  • ODORGUARD TECHNNOLOGY finished with our proprietary blend designed to prevent any 'musky' odors!
  • SPOIL YOUR BABY with this Tropical Blend of our Best Selling Yum-E-Treats they already love!
  • SAVE MONEY designed as a simple & cost effective way to provide variety in your fuzzbutt's diet!
  • 100% & an integral part of the 75/20/5 Nutrition Plan
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED We know your gliders will absolutely LOVE this stuff because we've already tested it with ours!

"We do apologize, this product is not available to our Canadian Customers at this time. We appreciate your patience until this product completes the border certification process."

Due to the heat sensitivity of this product, we recommend expedited shipping to maintain the physical integrity. We are not responsible for soft or melted yogurt drops shipped via ground, home delivery or economy services. Please note, the product is 100% safe if exposed to heat as long as it is refrigerated upon arrival.

Yum-E-Treats Tropical Blend - Organic Sugar Glider Snack Mix
Yum-E-Treats Tropical Blend - Organic Sugar Glider Snack Mix Yum-E-Treats Tropical Blend - Organic Sugar Glider Snack Mix

Learn more about this Tropical Blend of GliderSafe Goodies from this short video!


After a TON of testing, we're pleased to announce the newest version of our Best Selling Yum-E-Treats! They're best of breed for Sugar Glider treats, and we guarantee that your little fuzzy family loves these just as much as the original! (Maybe even more!)

Being the informed and loving parent that you are, you know that every Sugar Glider, especially yours, enjoys a little treat now and then! (okay... they enjoy them all the time but you should only give them a very small portion size once a day, just to be safe!).

The good news for you is, we've done all the work and sourced the finest Certified Organic & Non-GMO Tropical Fruits to use in our NEWLY formulated GliderSafe snack mix. All that you need to do is give these a try & surprise your baby's pallete with a tropical delight!

This new Tropical mix is packed with the optimal blend of FOUR different GliderSafe Tropical Fruits, and when combined with your glider's Glide-R-Chow & Glide-A-Mins, delivers the ideal nutritional balance in a way they'll absolutely love... And instead of heading out to the store and wasting a bunch of money on stuff that will go bad, give these Yum-E-Treats a try! Your fuzzy family won't be disappointed, and neither will you! We guarantee it!

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